A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An alien warps through time and space and end up on Earth.

Help it find it's way back to it's home planet Toukin - billions of light years across the local super cluster of galaxies and cosmic chaos.

Is the warp jump a coincidence? Are there any chance that the alien will ever get home to it's own planet again

First BETA PREVIEW now available

For Windows, MacOS & Linux download below.
For Android and iOS you'll need to sign up for beta testing


n o n - The First Warp v0.5.7 installer.msi 640 MB
Ո Օ Ո - The First Warp-v0.5.7-2.dmg 632 MB
n o n - The First Warp-v0.5.7-5.appimage 675 MB

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