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non - The First Warp

a 2D time-warping point'n'click adventure · By Black Grain


Recent updates

Reaching the 99% done milestone
So... I'm close. So close that I can taste it! After 6 years of solo development on my game " non - The First Warp " I now have a release trailer and a release...
UX improvements
Soooo... I did some tweaking of the time device UX today. Just thought I'd share :)...
Starting animation for the first public BETA
The time has come to prepare a public beta of the game. That also mean that I'll be re-animating some of the old stand-in / mock-up graphics - exciting times ah...
First teaser is out
Aaaah. Finally the game is in a condition where things are starting to get visually pleasing. I've spend the past 4 month or so brushing up an old custom writte...

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